UPDATE! Show Today CANCELLED; Join Us for the SacTown Super Sesh TOMORROW!

Good morning, but bad news…

The Royal Super Sesh today has been cancelled so we won’t have a booth available tonight.  😢

BUT THERE’S GOOD NEWS! We’ll be at the SacTown Super Sesh tomorrow instead!  😎

Same deal, same contests, same show, just a different day. So please join us TOMORROW from 4-10pm for the show where you can dab for free all day, get cannasugar at a discount, or even win enough sugar to last you quite some time.

ENTRY IS FREE! That means you can smoke all day for free, my guy. Be there tomorrow and try our cannasugar! We’ve got awesome edibles too!

DM @SacTownSuperSesh on Instagram for more info and to register for entry: https://www.instagram.com/sactownsupersesh/?hl=en

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Announcing: SweetAmber.co

Today we’re proudly announcing the official production release of our fabled amber sugar known as “Sweet Amber”. We’ve improved the recipe so you need take even less, reducing sugar intake further!

Just substitute regular sugar to fill out the rest of your needs where recipes call for more than you’d like to feel. As it’s more efficient, we’re reducing our lightweight portion to a quarter teaspoon. Start with at most 1 teaspoon and increase at 1-4 hour intervals to determine your preference.

Please use the contact page or send email to info@SweetAmber.co if you have questions, comments, or just want to tell us how to do our jobs.