Sweet Amber Cannasugar in 100mg Teaspoon Servings Finally Arrive!

*drum roll, please.*

Friends, we’re so proud to finally announce the release of our now-famous Sweet Amber Cannasugar in perfect teaspoon servings, for use in every which way you can imagine!

These 3×2″ packets are perfect for every situation and fit in nearly any container, from purse to pocket or even your wallet. The high-quality food-grade packaging is water and child-resistant, resealable, and also discrete. No need to worry that some eccentrically colored reggae cartoon is going to blow up your spot as you’re upgrading your coffee.

To new and light users, we generally suggest consuming only half a teaspoon of Sweet Amber cannasugar at a time, so most will only need half or even a quarter of this. Save the rest for later, or do it all at once and enjoy yourself.

We’ll soon be releasing a list with contact info for qualified providers.

Check back soon! We have much more to share.