Recipe: Flywater

It’s easy to overlook the simplest answers. If you’re no lolly-whistle in pursuit of tummy ticklin’ yum-yums, Sweet Amber happens to blend well with water. I’ve dubbed this Flywater for reasons that aren’t particularly appetizing so instead let’s get straight to the point.

  1. Simply add Sweet Amber to water, stir until it dissolves and enjoy.

Hot water helps it dissolve, but cold water is preferable as it keeps cannabis from sticking to your cup instead of going into your body.

Flywater obviously bases well with whatever drink mix you might choose to add into your brew.

Recipe: Ambrosia

The gods of the Greek Pantheon imbibed a magical drink known as Ambrosia believed to bestow immortality. While I can’t quite promise that, try mixing Sweet Amber and green tea for a soothing mix that can help reduce sore throat, or just help you not care about it regardless.


  • Sweet Amber, 1-3 tsp
  • Green tea of choice
  • hot or preferably cold water with ice
  1. Prepare tea normally BEFORE adding Sweet Amber
  2. Add Sweet Amber and stir until dissolved
  3. Enjoy.

Expect results within an hour.