We’re Now Working With 530GreenTrees to Bring You Cannasugar!

Our expansion continues at a furious pace: we’ve joined cooperatives with 530GreenTrees and now you can get cannasugar by way of their trademark speedy service! We’re proud to work with them in providing one of the best cannabis concentrates there is!

Contact 530GreenTrees today to get your own cannasugar using this info:

530GreenTrees , (530) 876-1036

530GreenTrees Delivery Chico, CADelivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Paradise, Durham, Oroville

Hours: 11am – 8pm every day; til 3pm Tuesdays

530GreenTrees is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. They’ve established themselves as one of the area’s fastest, efficient deliveries of the best flower and concentrates.

Specials: Discount vape cartridges; affordable 1/8ths; and more. For more info

Call (530) 876-1036 or text (530) 966-6950 to have 530GreenTrees deliver fast to your door, or email them at 530GreenTrees@gmail.com

To see their menu, check out 530GreenTrees on WeedMaps.com

We’ve Partnered with SnapDabs so Cannasugar is Closer Than Ever!

Another enormous announcement: we’ve partnered with SnapDabs of Chico so they can bring you top-shelf cannasugar, flower, and extracts at the drop of a hat! Drop your hat, pick up a phone and make a call to SnapDabs today!

SnapDabs, (530) 240-6144

SnapDabsDelivery Area: Chico, Butte County; extended areas by scheduled arrangement

Hours: 11am – 9pm M-F; 12pm – 7pm Sundays, until 9pm Saturdays

SnapDabs is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. Known for top-shelf extracts and hard-to-find strains of the rarest quality, premiere service and product is assured every time.

Specials: New patients receive a free sample of top-shelf product so they can try the best. Free vape pen when you buy a cartridge to ensure constant even flow. Bulk discounts and after-hours deliveries are available.

Call or text (530) 240-6144 to receive your first-time patient gift and best-of-show bud from SnapDabs, or email them at SnapDabs710@gmail.com

To see their menu, check out SnapDabs on WeedMaps.com

We’ve Partnered with Zente Farms to Deliver You Cannasugar at a Call!

It’s an honor to announce we’ve joined with Zente Farms to make it easier than ever to get Sweet Amber cannasugar! They bring years of cannabis expertise, top-shelf service, and excellent product to your doorstep whenever you need, and now they’ve got cannasugar, too!

Here’s how to make an order today:

Zente Farms, (530) 420-9001

Delivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Redding, Shasta Lake, Hamilton City, Anderson, Cottonwood, Red Bluff and surrounding cities

Hours: 10am to 9:45pm every day

Zente Farms is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. By establishing a high standard of quality and service, they’ve flourished from Butte to LA to bring you cannabis at a call.

Specials: All orders come with a bonus pre-roll. Buy one, get another half off on most concentrates. Seniors and veterans receive a discount, and receive a free gram for every 1/2oz ordered.  First time patients also receive a free gift!

Call (530) 420-9001 or text (530) 515-7809 to receive Zente Farm’s premiere canna-service. You can also email them at ZenteFarms@gmail.com

To see their menu, check out Zente Farms on WeedMaps.com

We’ve partnered with Marley Love Canna Delivery to Bring Cannasugar Straight to Your Door!

Friends, we’re so happy to announce that we’ve teamed with MLC Delivery of Chico to bring our new Sweet Amber cannasugar straight to you! Just in time too, as we’ve added two new types: Sativa and Hybrid, to go along with our Indica!

Here’s all the info you need to reach MLC Delivery and get your own cannasugar today!

MLC Delivery, (530) 693-0504

Delivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Hamilton City, Nord, Anita, Durham, Midway, and Richardson Springs

Hours: 9am – 8:30pm, til 6pm Tuesdays; all day Saturday, closed Sunday

Marley Love Canna Delivery is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. Established in 2015, they’ve quickly become one of the area’s leading providers of cannabis, wax, edibles, and everything in between.

Specials: First time patients receive a free gram. They also have a 5% veteran’s discount, and 5% off for birthdays too (best present possible, amiright?) Cancer patients receive 1oz free in memory of W. Brooks Howard.

$25 minimum, $80 outside of Chico. Call (530) 693-0504 for top-notch door-to-door cannabis service from MLC Delivery today, or email them at marleylovecanna@gmail.com

To see their menu, check out MLC Delivery on WeedMaps.com