We’re Now Working With 530GreenTrees to Bring You Cannasugar!

Our expansion continues at a furious pace: we’ve joined cooperatives with 530GreenTrees and now you can get cannasugar by way of their trademark speedy service! We’re proud to work with them in providing one of the best cannabis concentrates there is!

Contact 530GreenTrees today to get your own cannasugar using this info:

530GreenTrees , (530) 876-1036

530GreenTrees Delivery Chico, CADelivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Paradise, Durham, Oroville

Hours: 11am – 8pm every day; til 3pm Tuesdays

530GreenTrees is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. They’ve established themselves as one of the area’s fastest, efficient deliveries of the best flower and concentrates.

Specials: Discount vape cartridges; affordable 1/8ths; and more. For more info

Call (530) 876-1036 or text (530) 966-6950 to have 530GreenTrees deliver fast to your door, or email them at 530GreenTrees@gmail.com

To see their menu, check out 530GreenTrees on WeedMaps.com