Looking to sweeten your day?

Sweet Amber Cannasugar

Cannabis-infused sugar for perfect portion control. Powerful yet flexible, easy to use anywhere, and affordable too. Great for all adults.

Now in 3 Great Types!

Sativa for focused headier highs; Indica for body relief; Hybrid for a potent balance.

We make many different kinds of cannasugar products to meet every demand from dietary to cooking, celebratory, or merely cosmetic.

Sweet Amber is available in major 3 types, just like cannabis:

  • Sativa for a headier, alert, working high.
  • Indica for a sedative, full body, relaxed high and increased appetite.
  • or blended Hybrid strains that balance evenly the body high with a strong headiness.

We use different strains of cannabis seasonally in order to prevent the development of tolerance. We also use terpene extracts with some products to augment scent and taste naturally.

Sugar High
All the possibilities in the universe…

Every “strain” of Sweet Amber is carefully engineered for a particular purpose:

First, we have our Indica-dominant strain meant to deliver a potent body high, sturdy relaxation, and a headiness that doesn’t let you forget it’s working. This is best for weekends, casual consumption, and alongside regular smoking. We also find the Indica to be ideal for physical pain relief.

Then there’s our even Sativa-Indica Hybrid which offers a beautiful blend of an Indica’s body high with a Sativa’s more focused, headier affect. This is a great way to switch it up a little between the other two, excellent for long-road trips, endurance training, and other tasks where one wants to maintain both awareness and endurance.

Finally, our Sativa-dominant strain is ideal for anyone who wants to be elevated, lifted off the conscious plane, or roll with laughter. These are extremely heady highs that in even moderate portions might have you wild ‘n out. This is best for long late nights with friends, existential studying, or even just to watch flicks and chill.

And please, remember always to Sweet Responsibly.

Special Orders

For people with extremely low tolerance, we also produce lighter, substantially less potent custom infusions that are a perfect replacement for all standard sugar use. This can be especially suitable for those who experience persistent pain, nausea, or other incessant problems.

Please use the form on the contact page for special requests.