Sweet Amber Co. chooses only qualified partners to ensure you get affordable high-quality product and service every time. Please use the contact form to report issues or let us know about positive experiences so we can thank our friends.

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Our vending partners provide Sweet Amber Cannasugar at your convenience, typically straight to your door. They offer a wide range of cannabis products from flower to wax, and occasionally have special deals on Sweet Amber. Please have your doctor’s recommendation and driver’s license handy.

The Health Collective, (530) 680-6731

the health collective of chicoDelivery Area: Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Magalia, Durham, Butte County, Esquon, Nelson, Richvale, and Shippee

Hours: 10am – 7pm most days; til 3pm Wednesday, 6pm Thursday

The Health Collective of Chico is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. They’ve delivered excellent product and service to Butte county for years, providing top quality cannabis to Prop 215 certified patients in need.

Specials: Students receive a discount with ID for orders over $100, and seniors and veterans receive a discount off all orders. THC also offers an early-bird special during their first hour of business each day. Callers in the first hour who make a purchase over $50 receive a free gift, and orders over $100 receive the gift + 10% off!

Minimum orders are $40, which is the perfect amount of Sweet Amber to really light up your weekend. Call (530) 680-6731 for THC service today, or email them at

To see their menu, check out The Health Collective page on

MLC Delivery, (530) 693-0504

Delivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Hamilton City, Nord, Anita, Durham, Midway, and Richardson Springs

Hours: 9am to 8:30pm, til 6pm Tuesdays; all day Saturday, closed Sunday

Marley Love Canna Delivery is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. Established in 2015, they’ve quickly become one of the area’s leading providers of cannabis, wax, edibles, and everything in between.

Specials: First time patients receive a free gram. There’s a veteran’s discount, and one for birthdays too (best present possible, amiright?) Cancer patients receive 1oz free in memory of W. Brooks Howard.

$25 minimum, $80 outside of Chico. Call (530) 693-0504 for top-notch door-to-door cannabis service from MLC Delivery today, or email them at

To see their menu, check out MLC Delivery on

Zente Farms, (530) 420-9001

Delivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Redding, Shasta Lake, Hamilton City, Anderson, Cottonwood, Red Bluff and surrounding cities

Hours: 10am to 9:45pm every day

Zente Farms is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. By establishing a high standard of quality and service, they’ve flourished from Butte to LA to bring you cannabis at a call.

Specials: All orders come with a bonus pre-roll. Buy one, get another half off on most concentrates. Seniors and veterans receive a discount, and receive a free gram for every 1/2oz ordered.  First time patients also receive a free gift!

Call (530) 420-9001 or text (530) 515-7809 to receive Zente Farm’s premiere canna-service. You can also email them at

To see their menu, check out Zente Farms on

Organic Care of California, (530) 864-6438

Organic Care of California logoDelivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Durham, Paradise, Forest Ranch

Hours: 8am – 11pm  M-T-Th-F; 11:30am – 10pm weekends; 2pm – 11pm Wednesdays

Organic Care of California is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. Their quality guarantee is backed by full lab-testing of all products to ensure you’re getting the top-shelf you deserve.

Specials: First time patients receive 1.5 grams free. Buy one, get one 1/2 off on all concentrates. Senior and veterans discounts are available. Bulk discounts too; large orders are negotiable!

$50 minimum. Call (530) 864-6438 to get top-shelf service from Organic Care of California, or email them at

To see their menu, check out Organic Care of California on

SnapDabs, (530) 240-6144

SnapDabsDelivery Area: Chico, Butte County; extended areas by scheduled arrangement

Hours: 11am – 9pm M-F; 12pm – 7pm Sundays, until 9pm Saturdays

SnapDabs is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. Known for top-shelf extracts and hard-to-find strains of the rarest quality, premiere service and product is assured every time.

Specials: New patients receive a free sample of top-shelf product so they can try the best. Free vape pen when you buy a cartridge to ensure constant even flow. Bulk discounts and after-hours deliveries are available.

Call or text (530) 240-6144 to receive your first-time patient gift and best-of-show bud from SnapDabs, or email them at

To see their menu, check out SnapDabs on

NorCal Green Fire Inc, (530) 342-0420

NorCal Green Fire Inc logoDelivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Cohasset, Forest Ranch, Paradise, Magalia, Oroville, Gridley, Orland, Los Molinos, Durham, Dayton, Willows, Palermo, Corning

Hours: 10am to 10pm every day; ’til 11pm on Saturdays

NorCal Green Fire is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. They maintain one of the best selections of indoor in Northern California, growing and distributing locally to those most in need.

Specials: New patients receive a free pre-roll, which is also included with orders under $50. Over $50, you receive an additional 1/8th free; at $75, a higher quality 1/8th; and at $100, an even better 1/8th!

$25 minimum. Call (530) 342-0420 to get top-shelf indoor and tasty edibles from NorCal Green Fire Inc, or email them at

To see their menu, check out NorCal Green Fire Inc on

530GreenTrees , (530) 876-1036

530GreenTrees Delivery Chico, CADelivery Area: Chico, Butte County, Paradise, Durham, Oroville

Hours: 11am – 8pm every day; til 3pm Tuesdays

530GreenTrees is one of Sweet Amber Co’s original partners. They’ve established themselves as one of the area’s fastest, efficient deliveries of the best flower and concentrates.

Specials: Discount vape cartridges; affordable 1/8ths; and more. For more info

Call (530) 876-1036 or text (530) 966-6950 to have 530GreenTrees deliver fast to your door, or email them at

To see their menu, check out 530GreenTrees on

Doctor’s Recommendation

Please keep in mind that while recreational cannabis use for adults over 21 years old has been decriminalized in California since November 2016, until January 2018, it is not legal to purchase non-medical cannabis or cannabis products under any context. You must grow it or it must be given to you without compensation.

Patients with a doctor’s recommendation may purchase medicinal marijuana from a registered caregiver. To find a doctor that can recommend cannabis, try:

    • $39 without card
    • $59 with card
    • +$10-20 for copies
    • Do NOT purchase the grower’s card. This is not necessary to grow your allotted amount under California, county, and city law.

Cannabis Websites

These websites make it easy for patients with doctor’s recommendations to find and purchase medicinal cannabis products.

Friendly Smoke Shops in Chico, CA

There are quite a few helpful smoke shops in Chico, California. Blaze n’ J’s is probably the most popular, while The Dungeon offers a great variety of goodies including shirts, posters, hookah products and more.

  • Blaze N’ J’s Smoke Shop 
    • 236 W 9th St, Chico CA 95928
    • (530) 893-5965
  • Chico Smoke
    • 1000 W Sacramento Ave
    • (530) 893-0100
  • Cigarettes City, Mangrove location
    • 1722 Mangrove Ave # 27
    • (530) 566-9100
  • Cigarettes City, Skyway location
    • 2485 Notre Dame Blvd # 460
    • (530) 566-9400
  • Cigarettes City, W East Ave location
    • 208 W East Ave
    • (530) 899-7200
  • Cloud 9 Smoke ‘n Gifts
    • 1380 East Ave #112
    • (530) 345-0032
  • The Cloud
    • 1008 W Sacramento Ave B
    • (530) 342-1401
  • Dragon Tobacco
    • 244 Walnut St # D
    • (530) 809-1825
  • The Dungeon
    • 132 Broadway St
    • (530) 342-3304
  • Hi-5 Tobacco
    • 1414 Park Ave
    • (530) 342-7366


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