Leafly Says Most Potent Strain is… GHOST OG!

Ever wonder what the most potent strain of cannabis is (by THC)?

Ghost OGLeafly reviewed Washington state’s test lab data and determined that the most potent strain on the market, with an average of 28% THC, is Ghost OG, an offshoot of the legendary OG Kush. Many potent strains range closer to 20% THC, meaning Ghost OG is about 30% stronger than other strong strains.

For comparison, the incredibly popular Gorilla Glue #4 averages under 22% THC. Mind you, cannabinoid variety matters a LOT, but THC is typically the most critical factor in potency.

This kind of insightful data can only come from the qualified research that follows legalization. With it, health providers and curious individuals can better pursue strains that yield the best results for themselves, which is important considering the vast diversity of cannabinoids in each strain. For example, CBD is better for physical stress relief, but THC is generally better for psychological stress relief, which induces physical stress symptoms.


The More You Know

Read more about Leafly’s research: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/the-strongest-cannabis-strain-according-to-lab-data

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