How to Enjoy Sweet Amber

The primary advantage of Sweet Amber over countless alternative methods to enjoying cannabis is portion control. Half a teaspoon is more potent than even a large bowl of the strongest marijuana, and ingested cannabis chemically breaks down differently than inhaled, meaning those who’ve developed a tolerance to smoking might find new passion with Amber.

How to Portion Sweet Amber

Determining the right amount of Sweet Amber sugar for you is fairly easy and rather intuitive. Simply decide for yourself: “Am I a light, moderate, or heavy cannabis user. Where is my tolerance?” Then:

Light users should start with a quarter teaspoon or less. Do not be afraid to simply sprinkle a tiny bit on or into whatever you prefer and simply wait 2 hours to see the effect. More is less with Sweet Amber.

Moderate users should start with a quarter to a half teaspoon or less.   Moderate levels every few hours and don’t rush to conclusions on the first try.

Heavy users should start with a quarter to one whole teaspoon. Wait at least an hour before adding more. It is not necessary to try more than one tablespoon at a time.

Sweet Amber provides soothing, subtle relief or maximum pleasure on demand, without additional caveat. Also note effects tend to occur faster if you eat immediately after taking Sweet Amber, and slower if you take it on a full stomach.

Please do remember to Sweet Responsibly. We’re all adults here.

Note: Some may experience delayed effects due to size, weight, age, tolerance, medical condition, metabolism, sheer unyielding Tibetan willpower, and all the quirks that make us different. Please be patient.

What’s in Sweet Amber?