Cooking with Sweet Amber

Sweet Amber might be the best sugar in the world. It’s probably the only sugar that one should reasonably eat raw (though we prefer it in cookies or cake, ourselves). There are just a few things to keep in mind when cooking with Sweet Amber sugar.

  1. You should determine your individual per use amount before cooking or baking with Sweet Amber by following the How To Enjoy instructions.  Beginners should start with a half teaspoon or less.
  2. Once you know how much Amber to use, determine how much to put in the recipe, keeping in mind number of portions divided by amount of Amber used to determine potency of each serving.
  3. When you have determined the proper potency and amount to match, whatever amount of necessary sugar remains, simply fill out with standard sugar as called for in the recipe. Mix standard and Amber sugar until you have the appropriate amount.

For an example, see our gluten-free Toasted Macaroons recipe, and find more delicious goodies on our recipe page.

What’s in Sweet Amber?