California unveils new public health portal “Let’s Talk Cannabis”

Californians (and everyone else too) now have access to a new public health website called “Let’s Talk Cannabis” with guidance on health concerns regarding marijuana and facts for the upcoming 2018 transition into legal recreational use.

Let's Talk Cannabis portal

While cannabis is truly almost entirely free of any real detrimental effect, it’s important that citizens have access to free and easy information about marijuana and its realities. Helpful information found on the site includes:

… and more.

We would like to note that the phrase “poisoning” is used repeatedly on this site and we do not agree with that terminology in the slightest. While the definition of poisoning is necessarily broad, it is fundamentally nearly impossible to “poison” yourself with cannabis. Without exaggeration, you are more likely to hurt yourself drinking too much water (yes it’s possible) than you are by imbibing too much cannabis. Both create conditions which make it increasingly unlikely and painfully prohibitive to even push it towards that end, besides how hard it is to push that far.

However, there is a notable exception with edibles in that dosing can be inconsistent, and that is why we care so much about making sure you can portion Sweet Amber cannasugar safely and accurately, and why we appreciate information resources like this.

Besides some overly cautious terminology, we appreciate the state’s effort to educate Californians and encourage healthy cannabis use. It’s encouraging to see this kind of effort in support of legalized marijuana, and we’re excited to see what’s to come for the rest of the nation as California is often on the forefront of revolutionary legislation such as it has been with medical marijuana and now recreational use.

lets talk cannabis site

To learn more, visit the “Let’s Talk Cannabis” website here: