NEW! Sweet Amber Cannasugar Now in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains!

The Indica!

Sleep, Relief, Hunger

Our Indica-dominant Snoop strain has already set the stage as a powerful sedative and top-notch pain reliever that helps wash away a hard day’s work. This is our choice strain for medicinal patients and those who can afford to yield to Snoop’s soothing rhythm.

We also suggest the Indica for people looking for the classic cannabis experience: increased hunger,  relaxed activity, calm demeanor, and general pleasantness. And if you need a sleep aid, this is probably one of the best. The Indica is what we prefer for general day-to-day use, usually in quarter to half teaspoon portions to maintain without being grappled to the floor.

The Sativa!

High, Fun, Active

Made with renowned Blue Dream, our Sativa-dominant cannasugar serves an entirely different niche than the Indica. Both provide potent relaxation, relieve mental stress, and improve cheer, but the Sativa’s cannabinoid ratio gives it a much stronger, headier psychoactive affect. This is often associated with greater potency as you’re mentally conscious that it’s working, which is why Blue Dream has become so popular.

We suggest Sativa for people who want to feel potent cannabis effects without the same degree of muscle sedation that can overwhelm Indica use, putting some people to sleep. The Indica serves better medicinal patients and those seeking general pain relief, while the Sativa is often better when you want to work (in an approved environment), study, play, or remain aware of your surroundings while high.

Again we suggest starting with quarter teaspoons, and find that three-quarters of the Sativa is often more than enough when partying.

The Hybrid!

Giggly, Relaxing, Uplifting

Our carefully chosen Green Ribbon strain is a near even Sativa-Indica Hybrid selected for the best qualities of the other two while still producing an entirely unique effect. The Indica puts you into the couch, the Sativa lifts you out of it, and the Hybrid, for lack of a better way to put it, spins you around the living room while your friends watch. We picked the Green Ribbon because it carries the weight like Indica, releases minds like Sativa, and also kind of makes us want to dance.

The Hybrid is quickly becoming the company favorite for the giggly effect, the way it greases social outings, and the delight it seems to bestow. It’s perfectly suited as a change-up from the other two, yet declares its own distinct character every time. A quarter to half teaspoon again is more than enough, while three-quarters is suitable for late-night outings and social events.

The core purpose of dividing our product into three main “strains” is not just to better serve your needs and give you a cannasugar that suits any situation, but also to ensure you don’t develop tolerance so Sweet Amber always maintains potency. We do this in two ways:

  1. Offering our product in 3 “strains” (ie types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid).
  2. Regularly changing the strain of cannabis used to make each type.

That means we might not always be using Blue Dream, but with Sweet Amber Sativa-dominant cannasugar you will always get a strain like Blue Dream that is just as potent. This is the best way to maintain the complexity of the highs and to give you the best range of pre-approved, top-quality cannabis richness to go with your sugar.

To learn how to get your own Sweet Amber Cannasugar now in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, just contact one of our Partners.

Sweet Amber Cannasugar in 100mg Teaspoon Servings Finally Arrive!

*drum roll, please.*

Friends, we’re so proud to finally announce the release of our now-famous Sweet Amber Cannasugar in perfect teaspoon servings, for use in every which way you can imagine!

These 3×2″ packets are perfect for every situation and fit in nearly any container, from purse to pocket or even your wallet. The high-quality food-grade packaging is water and child-resistant, resealable, and also discrete. No need to worry that some eccentrically colored reggae cartoon is going to blow up your spot as you’re upgrading your coffee.

To new and light users, we generally suggest consuming only half a teaspoon of Sweet Amber cannasugar at a time, so most will only need half or even a quarter of this. Save the rest for later, or do it all at once and enjoy yourself.

We’ll soon be releasing a list with contact info for qualified providers.

Check back soon! We have much more to share.

Release Packaging is In!

We’re proud to announce our initial packaging is here and we can finally flaunt our incredible Sweet Amber Cannasugar!

Sweet Amber Cannasugar
In 2oz and 4oz sizes, as well as individual tablespoon servings.

More to come very soon!