Cannabis is a hearty plant known primarily for its psychoactive effects, secondarily for medicinal applications, and now increasingly for its myriad industrial uses. The active ingredient is THC which causes the psychoactive effect, and also breaks down into CBD which produces the “body high” aspect of the experience and stimulates appetite. Cannabis is commonly referred to as “marijuana” or “weed”. Vilified for decades on the whim of a robber baron who feared hemp would end his paper empire, cannabis has once again found popular favor despite endless opposition.

Cannabis serves as an incredibly cheap, incredibly reliable, incredibly helpful physical and emotional stress reliever. It is extremely good at increasing appetite which fades with many serious ailments. And there is increasing evidence that it can help with countless psychological issues.

To date, there is practically no evidence that cannabis use is harmful to adults.

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What is Sweet Amber Sugar?

Important Terms

Trichomes are the “crystals” or tiny hair-like outgrowths apparent on all but the worst cannabis. They’re the primary element extracted and used in the production of Sweet Amber to give it potency.

Hemp is a form of cannabis free of THC that is better suited for industrial purposes. It is especially useful as paper, clothing, and as cheap fire-resistant insulation. The nutritional benefit of hemp foodstuffs is also well-established. Characteristically, hemp fiber is extremely strong but also very light, making it especially suitable for comfortable clothing that’s traditionally adorned with hippy gibberish.