Sweet Amber is simple: sugar infused with cannabis so that it gets you high. It’s fun, easy, affordable, harmless, and extremely useful.

How it Helps

Amber sugar (aka green sugar or golden sugar) appeals in ways smoking cannabis and even other edibles cannot. All kinds of people want to partake, but frankly many don’t want to be associated with the stigma or culture that’s been cultivated so far.

Sweet Amber allows anyone to partake in cannabis without making it apparent. Still working on the red eye, but other than that, Sweet Amber doesn’t smell unless it’s right under the nose and it looks like sugar. It’s perfectly discrete for those who don’t want to make a persona of it, and you don’t have to eat a brick of brownie for the effect.

Sweet Amber is potent. We suggest starting with a quarter to a half teaspoon, less than most people add to their morning coffee. That will get even a strong smoker substantially lifted. Better yet, you don’t have to use that much. Lightweights are often powerfully effected by less than a quarter teaspoon. For those concerned about sugar intake, you can eat 20x that amount and still be consuming less than you’d get in a single can of cola. Portion control is extremely easy when it’s literally granulated.

Sweet Amber works perfectly in any cooking or baking that uses sugar. Just swap it out in exactly the same proportions, but only use as much Sweet Amber as you intend to feel. This means mixing in your desired amount of Sweet Amber then filling out the rest with standard sugar.

What Can I Make with Sweet Amber Sugar?