California unveils new public health portal “Let’s Talk Cannabis”

Californians (and everyone else too) now have access to a new public health website called “Let’s Talk Cannabis” with guidance on health concerns regarding marijuana and facts for the upcoming 2018 transition into legal recreational use.

Let's Talk Cannabis portal

While cannabis is truly almost entirely free of any real detrimental effect, it’s important that citizens have access to free and easy information about marijuana and its realities. Helpful information found on the site includes:

… and more.

We would like to note that the phrase “poisoning” is used repeatedly on this site and we do not agree with that terminology in the slightest. While the definition of poisoning is necessarily broad, it is fundamentally nearly impossible to “poison” yourself with cannabis. Without exaggeration, you are more likely to hurt yourself drinking too much water (yes it’s possible) than you are by imbibing too much cannabis. Both create conditions which make it increasingly unlikely and painfully prohibitive to even push it towards that end, besides how hard it is to push that far.

However, there is a notable exception with edibles in that dosing can be inconsistent, and that is why we care so much about making sure you can portion Sweet Amber cannasugar safely and accurately, and why we appreciate information resources like this.

Besides some overly cautious terminology, we appreciate the state’s effort to educate Californians and encourage healthy cannabis use. It’s encouraging to see this kind of effort in support of legalized marijuana, and we’re excited to see what’s to come for the rest of the nation as California is often on the forefront of revolutionary legislation such as it has been with medical marijuana and now recreational use.

lets talk cannabis site

To learn more, visit the “Let’s Talk Cannabis” website here:

UPDATE! Show Today CANCELLED; Join Us for the SacTown Super Sesh TOMORROW!

Good morning, but bad news…

The Royal Super Sesh today has been cancelled so we won’t have a booth available tonight.  😢

BUT THERE’S GOOD NEWS! We’ll be at the SacTown Super Sesh tomorrow instead!  😎

Same deal, same contests, same show, just a different day. So please join us TOMORROW from 4-10pm for the show where you can dab for free all day, get cannasugar at a discount, or even win enough sugar to last you quite some time.

ENTRY IS FREE! That means you can smoke all day for free, my guy. Be there tomorrow and try our cannasugar! We’ve got awesome edibles too!

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What You’re Missing at @SacTownSuperSesh and @RoyalSuperSesh Every Weekend!

Forgive us for any exaggeration when we say you need to join us at one the local cannabis shows happening nearly every day across California. Just like you, we didn’t know what to expect before we started attending them, but now we can assure you they’re some of the most fun you can have, and they can save you a lot of money, too.

In the past we’ve attended The Orbit Show and SacTown Super Sesh, and this Saturday we’ll be at the Royal Super Sesh representing for cannasugar yet again.

Why should you come, too? You can scroll all the way to the bottom for over 30 photos and see why for yourself, or read on:

Chill Environment

Thousands come through every weekend and late into the night.

Where else can you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a farmer’s market while blasting psyche-shattering dabs to the dome every few steps? Not only are people smoking, they’re dabbing, vaping, eating medibles (and of course cannasugar), and generally just having a good time. You’ve never been more free.

Affordable Marijuana

Yummy buds from Yummy Budz!

Not to over-promise anything, but we’ve seen ounces as low as $40 at some of these shows and you can get top-shelf flower at weight with a discount you probably can’t even get from close friends. There’s a huge selection of bud, waxes, medibles, and everything in between and truly you will not need anyone else if you just make regular visits to these regular Super Sesh’s. They happen in Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, San Bernadino, and everywhere else you might want to get some bud. Continue reading “What You’re Missing at @SacTownSuperSesh and @RoyalSuperSesh Every Weekend!”

We’ll be at the Royal Super Sesh on Saturday Oct 21st 2017!

We had so much fun at the SacTown SuperSesh that we’ve decided to checkout the Saturday show too!

So this weekend, Oct 21st from 5pm to 10pm, join us at the Royal Super Sesh in Sacramento, CA. This wonderful little event sees thousands coming through every weekend for some of California’s best deals on cannabis, edibles, waxes, and of course Sweet Amber cannasugar.Royal Super Sesh Oct21

We’ll have our booth setup early where you can try free samples, get one-of-a-kind medibles that aren’t just potent but legitimately delicious too, and purchase your own cannasugar at a special discount.

We’re also gonna be having an easy raffle where you might win what is frankly a very large amount of cannasugar. You won’t want to miss this opportunity so drop by the booth and at least say hi!

To get into the show, just contact @RoyalSuperSesh on Instagram and they will ask for your doctor’s recommendation. Make sure you have it available when you arrive at the show and you’re in!

Of course we’re not the only great thing at the weekend SuperSesh. There’s some of the best BBQ in NorCal, amazing deals on top-shelf full-melt waxes that’ll knock your socks off, a live DJ and even a sensual fire dancer to make things hotter than you can handle. Or maybe you can; come see for yourself!

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See you there!