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Sweet Amber is sugar infused with cannabis, aka “cannasugar”. What does it look like? What can it do? It’s sugar. Everything sugar does, Sweet Amber does too, and then some.

Bake it in cakes, sweeten coffee with it, use it as candy coating, or eat it raw to get straight to the party. Only the faint aroma of cannabis is detectable.

Not having to smoke means no smelly clothes, damage to lungs, or cottonmouth. This is especially good news for those with medical concerns and anyone who wishes to maintain a professional image.

Designed for Portion Control

A half teaspoon, our suggested serving size, is very effective for all but the heaviest cannabis users. Lightweights should start with quarter teaspoon or less. Keep in mind, a single can of cola contains easily over 20x the sugar in a serving of Sweet Amber.

It’s affordable, made entirely with food-safe materials, and fits into any routine. Did we mention it gets you high?

Sweet Amber makes it easier than ever to Celebrate Sweetness.

How Do I Enjoy Sweet Amber?